50-Year-Old Vegetarian Woman At Risk of Getting Paralyzed , Suffers Vitamin B12 Deficiency

They say that eating vegetables will promote a longer, healthy life.  But don’t you know that eating merely vegetables may also put your health at risk?  A story in Wuhan, China affirms.

According to Oriental Daily, there is this woman with surname Tan, who is in her 50s and is at risk of getting paralyzed because of being a vegetarian for more than 30 years.

Tan was overweight in her 20s, weighing 55kg and standing160cm tall.  So to be able to lose weight, she decided to become vegetarian which brought tangible and amazing results.  Since then, she had maintained her body weight at 45 kg.

However, little did she know that there will come a time that she will feel numb on some parts of her body while just eating pure vegetables.

“I stay away from meat and oily food. As such, my body weight dropped to 45kg and I’ve been maintaining this lifestyle for 30 years.”

“Recently, I feel like my feet are uneven while walking, it feels like I’m stepping on some cotton. Plus, both my legs and hands often feel numb.”

Worrying about what she’s feeling, Tan went to the hospital for a medical examination.  Laboratory and medical results revealed that her spinal neurons were damaged on various degrees, a condition which is common among people with diabetes or those that are malnourished.

Further, the results showed she had severe vitamin B12 deficiency, an essential nutrient vital for repairing neurons.  As such, only 10% of the needed vitamin B12 in a human body was on Tan’s body.

According to the neurologist in the hospital, the vitamin is essential to support the growth of neurons in the body.  Every food has vitamin B12 and meat has a higher percentage of it.

As Tan is vegetarian and is not eating meat rich in vitamin B12, the neurons inside her body are damaged because of vitamin B12 deficiency.  She is also at risk of getting paralyzed as patients with this conditions may not be able to walk and worse, will become bed-ridden.  Muscle shrinkage is also possible, the same as having heart disease.

Therefore, doctors are reminding everyone to have a balanced diet so every essential nutrient needed by the body is being supplied from the food that we eat.