College Student Gets Stabbed Because of Complaining Snoring and Farting Roommate

How long can you stand staying with a snoring and farting roommate?

In Beijing, a shocking incident happened among two college students who were staying together in one room in a hostel of their school. Because of snoring and farting, one boy was provoked to stab the other.

In a news made by Oriental Daily, Lau and Wong together with Xiao Tian and some other boys were staying in one room.  At around 4am one day when everyone was sleeping, Xiao got awaken by a loud noise with Wong’s voice who was shouting for help.  He also heard Lau saying to Wong, “I’m going to stab you to death.”

Immediately, Xiao turned on the lights and saw Wong who was putting up a fight with Lau who stabbed him with a knife.  When Lau saw Xiao, he calmly left the room with his bloodied knife and went to the bathroom.  Minutes after, he came back to the room, sat on his bed and said, “It’s not easy to kill someone.”

When the police arrived in the hostel, they handcuffed Lau who at that time did not show any trace of fear or remorse on what he did. He was then arrested. On the other hand, Wong sustained multiple cuts on his head, chest, and mouth and was badly punched on his eyes that he almost got blind.

“He wasn’t going to let me live, and he wanted to die with me.”

 “This guy (Lau) is really troublesome at night; he’d grind his teeth, fart, and snore. I hope he gets jailed for a few more years,” the injured Wong said.

Meanwhile, it was learned that a day before the incident happened, Wong had confronted Lau about his unpleasing sleeping habits that all of their roommates intended to transfer to another room.  Instead of being sorry, he threatened Wong saying, “You just wait and see.”

Lau’s teacher attested that he is not a bad student but revealed he has a psychological problem.

Planning to complain about a snoring, roommate? Think about it a thousand times.