Duterte Supporters : Must read this Open Letter for Senator Laila De Lima


Below is the viral open letter on an Canadian Political Scientist to Senator Laila De Lima .

I am a Canadian political scientist and also have studied psychology and sociology too, in addition I have been following the Philippine politics and culture for many years and have been studying the Philippine history not only from books, but also from Filipinos themselves. I work with many of them as well! I know the Filipinos mental state when they are under pressure.

My question is that how come Colangco is able to spill humor while testifying while himself is being incriminated and while he too may face more severe sentences if he was being under psychological and emotional strains and Senator De Lima claiming that he was tortured to testify against her?

Madam Senator De Lima, you are an educated person and have been clever enough to mislead not only your people but also the world, but I doubt you are clever enough to escape this overwhelming evidence against you.

Your tittle, your education and your position has no power if you are being impeached, and if the evidence against you is going to put you behind bars, you should start bargaining and testifying against those higher-ups in your crime and drug network as well as those people with domestic or foriegn interests who you lobbied for them and they lobbied for you for other things that allowed them take advantage of your position in the government! Why? Because you would not have been able to pull this off all by yourself.

The government already has evidence against those higher than you in this criminal acts for drugs and other acts, but it is better for you to come clean publicly, and stop playing politics. In your speech I heard a lot of labeling by you against those who are impeaching you.

If you were not guilty, you would not needed to label them at all. You should have allowed the investigation take its course, and let the evidence speak by itself.

Moreover, you have already harmed enough the credibility of the new President, the Philippine Government and with it the prosperity of your people, but despite of your “political games,” the new President and the new Philippine Government has become more popular globally and domestically, and has shown the power of democracy in action!

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