FULL INTERVIEW : Senator Leila De Lima Finally Admits Having Relationship With Driver Ronnie Dayan


A controversy involving Senator Leila De Lima is on its peak especially because of the recent interview on the television show.

The topic was about her relationship with Ronnie Dayan, De Lima’s previous driver. In the interview, she was asked whether the rumour regarding their relationship is true. And without hesitation, she confirmed that they had this relationship despite the fact that Dayan is already married.

When asked why she fell in love with her driver, she simply said that it was all because of “frailties of a woman”. She also added that they were together for many years and she developed feelings for him because of their closeness.

In the previous interviews, she plainly denied all romantic connections with her driver and alleged bag man, Ronnie Dayan, which is why the entire public became furious and the interview video instantly became viral online.