House Owner Kills Robber, Identifies Him as One of His House Worker

The house owned by a family in Barangay Pulong Buhangin, Santa Maria Bulacan was robbed by an unidentified man whose face had been covered by a mask.  The head of the family named alias “Jay” had killed the robber by firing a gun to defend himself as the robber tried stabbing him.  Later on, the robber had been identified as one of their workers.

In a news reported by ABS-CBN News, the worker identified as Peter Agua died for acquiring gunshot wounds after he robbed the house of Jay’s family at 3 o’clock on Wednesday morning.

According to the couple, at around 1 o’clock in the morning, they were awakened by the noise of their dog’s continuous barking.  When they checked around the house, they saw a man wearing a mask carrying a shoulder bag.

Jay narrated that the robber ran away upon knowing that they were already awake.  The robber then tried to stab Jay so he fired at him which caused his death.  Upon removing the mask from his face, the couple was surprised and felt sorry at the same time upon finding out that it was Peter Agua.

Apparently, the couple’s house was under construction and Peter was one of their workers.

“Hindi ko naman akalain na magagawa sa akin. Minsan umuutang P1,000, P500. Wala kaming masamang pinagsamahan niyan. Bakit nagawa niya iyon? Kung alam ko lang Diyos ko po.”

Based on the investigation, Peter entered the couple’s room by passing through the sliding window.  Supt. Rainer Balones, chief of Santa Maria Police believed Peter had entered the house with some companions but were able to escape and had left him alone.

“Malaki ang bahay kaya hindi ito gagawin ng mag-isa lamang.”

Meanwhile, it was learned that it was the third time a robbery incident had happened in the said barangay.

Recovered from Peter was the shoulder bag which he stole containing a laptop, a cellphone, a wallet, and cash money.

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