Instead of Sympathy, Insolent Comments Poured Regarding Earthquake in Davao Oriental


Mati City, Davao Oriental recently experienced a 6.5 magnitude earthquake. But instead of pouring sympathy towards the victim, these netizens are insolent enough to insult President Rodrigo Duterte, as though he is the reason behind the tragic earthquake.

A certain Jiro Santi commented on the post pertaining to the earthquake in Davao Oriental. According to him, ‘Karma’ is the reason behind the incident in Davao and President Duterte is the one responsible for this because of him being so conceited. Someone also said the president should resign because he is an evil person.

Instead of sympathy and help, these netizens are pouring undesirable comments. It is very clear that the President is not liable to all this happenings yet they pour the blame on him.

Earthquake is a work of nature. It’s drastic effects shouldn’t be blamed to anyone else.


image source : Crabbler/Fb