LOOK : iPhone Mobile allegedly missing on the package, How it happen must read it here.


On September 27, 2016 I shipped an iPhone to Mrs. Javier at 5:55 pm. The LBC Porta Vaga branch personnel, namely Miss Michelle Caballero asked for my consent to open the package I have already pre-packed in a plastic container so she may check the contents. The iPhone was declared defective as it was unable to turn on which was mainly the reason for shipping it—to give back to the person I bought it from and ask for a replacement. The personnel sealed it back in the plastic container and placed it in a small kilobox. Yes, I was watching and the iPhone was surely inside. After sealing the box, she asked me to put my signature all over the taped parts of it. Since the transaction did not make it until cut-off (5:10pm), the LBC personnel told me that the estimated day of delivery would be on the 29th.

My consignee refused to accept the parcel upon delivery on September 30, 2016 6:00 pm as suggested by the delivery man as the parcel felt unusually light. She said through facebook chat that the delivery team had reported it already before delivering it to their home. The delivery man stayed with her as she opened the parcel revealing only the plastic container without the iPhone inside. The tapes around the box with my signature have been tampered. The whole process of opening the parcel was recorded through video and documented through series of photos and was sent to me.

After receiving this dreadful news, I immediately engaged in a webchat with customer service at www.lbcexpress.com and was told to submit a formal letter of complaint. Today, October 1st, I submitted it to LBC Porta Vaga branch and was able to talk to Ms. Caballero. She stated that the report had already reached them and the look on her face shows that she is emotionally affected that the Baguio team is being blamed for the iPhone’s loss. She then gave me an assurance that the incident would be further looked into and a refund will follow after a week.

I am not expecting much because being expectant has already led to a lot of heartbreaks. Tomorrow, I will officially be playing the guitar for Praise & Worship in our church for the very first time and all I’m asking for are prayers to rid me of all the negative emotions I’m feeling right now.

Dear LBC, I may have lost thousands of pesos but you might lose the trust of millions of your customers. Thank you for being a reminder of how blessed I am that I do not need to do what your employee or employees did.

May this post be a warning to all online sellers and buyers out there.

PS: I am still without a phone because of this so please contact me through facebook only especially my Thesis, Investigative Journalism, and Development Communication group mates and the Alternative publication as well. Thank you.