LOOK : He Wishes For Typhoon To Onslaught The Philippines; His Reason Is Totally Evil


There are approximately 20 typhoons expected to hit the Philippines every year. For many times, this calamity has claimed numerous lives and destroyed infrastructures.

To say it short, typhoon should not be taken as a joke. But this Filipino Fashion designer seems to be taking the drastic effects of typhoon too lightly.

A certain Bryanboy posted on his Twitter account a message pertaining to the President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte. According to him, he can’t wait to for the typhoon season to hit the Philippines so President Duterte can learn a lesson. He also challenged the President to burn his international aid.


image credit philippinesnow.org

The said tweet arose negative feedback towards his followers in Twitter and even captured the attention of different social media sites.


image credit philippinesnow.org


His inappropriate use malicious words especially in the social media world is something that should not be precedent.

Source : philippinesnow.org