Mother Casually Throws Her Newborn Baby In The Window Because Boyfriend Left Her

PATTAYA, THAILAND – A heartless mother was arrested by police authorities after allegedly throwing her newborn child in the 17th floor of their apartment window.

According to reports, the woman devastated after her married Korean boyfriend went back to his wife.
The 20-year-old suspect identified as Netchanok Nokyungtong, felt no remorse following the incident.

She also admitted that she threw her baby out in the window without hesitation. The baby, who was born healthy, was wrapped in plastic and thrown in the window. The impact from the drop claimed the life of the poor baby.

Nokyungtong confessed that her 40-year-old boyfriend is married and decided to go back to his wife after kowing that Nokyungtong was pregnant.

The suspect felt devastated by being left alone.

Just in time for her labor, the suspect decided not to call an ambulance that will take her to the hospital. Instead, she gave birth to her child on her own, in the bathroom.

As she saw her newborn, the hatred she felt towards her boyfriend was deliberately transferred to her child. Because of too much anger, she decided to wrap the baby in a plastic bag and casually threw it out the window.

A resident living in the same building was puzzled when he saw a huge object pass through the window. He went down only to see a dead newborn baby in the ground floor.

The witness immediately called the police for help and they investigated the incident.

“This is a very brutal crime. The baby was born in a healthy condition. The mother did not have grief for what had happened,” says Police Colonel Apichai Khemphet.

“Miss Netchanok Nokyungtong gave birth in the bathroom where blood was found on the floor. She said she was shocked and not ready for birth. The boyfriend is a married foreigner from South Korea who did not want to stay with her. She was heartbroken because he returned to his family,” Colonel Khemphet added.

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