Mother Complains Own Son for Demanding Her to Leave Their House

In an episode aired by Raffy Tulfo in his show Raffy Tulfo in Action, a crying mother goes to the station to ask for Raffy’s assistance after her son demands that she leave their house.  However, during their conversation, the son defends himself saying he was only forced to let her leave after he discovered that his mother is living with another man and she has been spending for her man’s needs.

A mother named Carmelita Malolos went to Raffy Tulfo to air her sentiments.

According to Carmelita, she really wanted to leave her son’s home because she was feeling hurt badly.  She said that even her daughter-in-law and their maid were not treating her right.  In fact, she said that the maid had sent her malicious text messages and was not respecting her at all.

When Raffy called Paul to clear the issue, the son said that in as much as he would like to keep his mother in their house, he had no option as his mother was doing things which he doesn’t like. Paul said, his mother has been living with another man named Richard Mendoza and she was spending for all his needs.

The fact that Paul as the head of his own family was the one spending for utility bills like electricity and water, their house rental and other needs, he cannot understand why his mother still needs money while all her needs were being looked into.

Apparently, they learned that Carmelita even sold their ancestral house which she inherited from her parents and bought another house which she put under her name and Richard.  Lately, news had reached Paul that Carmelita had also sold the second house which she then strongly denied.  Paul said the only reason why he was asking his mother to leave the house was to verify if she was really able to sell the house.  Since she was not leaving, Paul assumed she has nowhere to go and that the house has been sold.

As the conversation goes, it was clear that there was a conflict in the family and the best way to get out of the trouble is for Carmelita to leave Paul’s house and live on her own.

Carmelita said she already found a place where she could transfer but then she doesn’t have the money to pay for the house rental’s deposit and advance payment which Raffy Tulfo agreed to settle the full amount to the landlady.

The day after, Carmelita was able to transfer to her new home with the help of Raffy Tulfo.  She then thanked him for his big help.

Watch the video for the full story.

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Posted by Raffy Tulfo in Action on Friday, November 3, 2017

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