VIDEO : Man Stabbed To Death And Mutilated Because Of Jealousy


Dominga Andalis felt pity to her 40-year-old nephew, Gaspar Ermo, because he was subsequently stabbed to deal and his male organ was gravely amputated.

According to the investigation, the crime happened on a Thursday afternoon, inside a hut in Camarines Sur. The Bao, Camarines Sur Police said that the cause of the crime is jealousy. The suspect allegedly caught the victim, fully naked and his wife sitting in the hut. Witness, Pisto Habana was able to see the exact incident.

Before the victim died, he confessed that he did not attempted to do anything immoral towards the woman. He was crying when he denied the accusations.

Alice, on the other hand, admitted that she is close with the victim but denied that they are in a relationship. They are just business partners.

The suspect is now facing murder and mutilation.

Watch video below from ABS-CBN