VIRAL NOW : Ogie Diaz remarks to Duterte “ Huwag Kayong Magalit Kay Duterte”


The President of the Philippines Duterte requested to the public to extend his vowed deadline to eradicate the rampant case of illegal drugs in the Philippines

On his campaign on May election, Davao City Mayor Duterte along with his running mate Senator Alan Peter Cayetano promised to stop crime and illegal drugs within  3-6 months.

People in the Philippines take note on that promised, When President Duterte request  to the public days ago to give more 6 months, some netizens criticize Duterte’s extension and said that only “fool” people will believe on his promise.

Maybe just give me an extension of another six months. I did not have that idea that there were thousands of people in the drug business and worst is they are operated now by people in government,” Duterte said.

“The problem is I cannot kill them all,” he noted. “Even if I wanted to, I cannot do it.”

Duterte mentioned that 700,000 new drug users and pushers have surrendered to the police and the military.

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