Young Lady Apologizes to Taxi Driver for Rude Behavior; Netizens Slam Young Lady Believing She’s Not Sincere with Apology

A few days ago, a video had gone viral on social media showing a road rage between a young lady named Cherish Sharmaine who slapped and humiliated an old taxi driver named Virgilio Doctor after feeling angry for his allegedly wrong manner of driving while they were both on the road.  The driver filed a complaint against her for physical injury while the lady had received bashing and negative comments on the internet through her Facebook account.

Recently, Cherish Sharmaine Interior had issued a public apology under her Facebook account Cher Shar after receiving numerous hate messages, bashing and threats from the netizens who felt angry after she was seen in a video hurting Doctor whom she should have treated like her own father with respect.  Netizens said they found her arrogant as she had humiliated the poor taxi driver who almost had a heart attack because of her rude actions.

The taxi driver’s passenger also attested that Cherish Sharmaine and her boyfriend even hit the taxi just to make the driver alight from the car.  After which, she slapped the old driver and humiliated him in public.


According to, Cherish Sharmaine made a public apology for slapping the taxi driver and humiliating him and appealed to her bashers to spare her relatives, officemates and workmates.  She also took responsibility for the consequences of her actions.

On the other hand, she also clarified that she doesn’t have a Facebook Page as she didn’t intend to ‘add injury’ or insult the public and make them hate her even more.

“Somebody reported my spare Facebook account and copied my apology on their Facebook page. This is Cherish Sharmaine Interior. I repeat, I have no Facebook page. I’m not that dumb to create a fanpage, post the pictures of myself and my boyfriend, then post more hurting messages pa to add insult to injury or to make you hate me even more. I have published an apology which was copied by that Facebook page but the truth still remains: I AM SORRY. Spare my relatives, my office, and my workmates. Someone tagged the name of the company I work in and commented on some of the posts there. Please leave them alone. And please, those people who also have an Interior surname, and who you guys are bullying are not in anyway related to me. If you want to bash me, I am willing to accept that. Just leave the innocent people alone. I am doing things to make up for my mistake, trying to reach out to manong taxi driver. I am facing an imminent termination and possibly blacklisting to other companies, and I hope you guys are happy. I believe I deserve it, but please accept my apologies.”

Meanwhile, her public apology had earned numerous and varying reactions from the netizens who most were still enraged because of her rude character.  They thought that her apology was superficial and not sincere and was only driven by the pressure brought by negative comments towards her by bashers.

As of this writing, it was learned that Cherish Sharmaine had once again appealed to the public to accept her public apology in the spirit of the Christmas season.

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