Young Woman Shares Terrible Experience in Suffering from Skin Disease Called “Pityriasis Rosea”

Not everyone is aware of a disease called “Pityriasis Rosea”.  Little did we know that such disease exists and would greatly affect the life of an individual who might be able to acquire it.

According to the American Academy of Dermatology, “Pityriasis Rosea” is a common disease that causes an individual to suffer from red patches on the skin.  It also causes rash and itchiness.

Having said all those, it may be perceived that having such disease is no joke.  It would definitely cause discomfort among people who are suffering from it. The fact holds true for this one netizen who shared her story in battling with the said condition.

In a Facebook post, Mikaella Pablo shared how she dealt with the disease and how difficult it was for her to have it.

According to Mikaella, having the disease was the worst experience she had.  In fact, she had been depressed for 2 months and had become hopeless because she herself had many questions whose answers were unknown.  However, she claimed she was grateful for having people around her who had given her the courage to go on.

Mikaella shared that she felt embarrassed every time people will ask what happened to her.  And to save her from shame, instead of telling her real condition, she would just say it was only due to allergy. But now, she had the courage to tell her story so many may be aware of “Pityriasis Rosea”.

Apparently, according to the dermatologist who checked on Mikaella’s condition, the cause of it is unknown. However, she was asked if she was getting enough sleep as being deprived of it may be connected to having the disease.  Unfortunately, she admitted that she was busy with her business and not getting enough sleep had caused a drop in her immune system.

The doctor told Mikaella that “Pityriasis Rosea” would normally be visible within 3-6 months and would naturally disappear. Unfortunately, as of this writing, no medicine had been found to become its cure.

Suffering from the disease was really hard. She said that she had not slept completely for 3 months and would spend hours of crying as she wondered why of all people, she had acquired the disease.  Thanks to her family who stayed beside her, to support her and give her the encouragement that she would be able to pass that stage.

Mikaella claimed her faith had helped her deal with the said disease with bravery and faith that one day she’ll be well again.

As her post seemed to be lengthy, towards the end, she reminded everyone not to sleep late at night, take care of one’s self and as much as possible, avoid so much stress.

As of press time, Mikaella shared that her face and body had been cleared from the spots but still has many of them on her legs.

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